#T3SNC Missed Conversation

Sometimes when we try to connect things don’t go as planned but Virtually Connecting is all about finding ways to connect where we couldn’t or just didn’t before.

A few weeks ago the T3 conference was a huge success but there was a mishap where an awesome session around Digital Storytelling with Joe Murphy, Ashley Butler, and Daniel Olivieri did not go as planned. Daniel was coming in as a virtual presenter and due to some technical issues he was not able to present. This was especially disappointing because Daniel was bringing in a student perspective.

You can check out two of the mapping projects that Daniel will present at http://mappingancienttexts.net/ and http://mappingancienttexts.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/v2spw.html

This is where Virtually Connecting comes in. No reason that we can’t still have the conversation. Let’s grab those missed conversations and have them now.

There is room for others to join. Reach out to our virtual buddy Autumm Caines on Twitter if you would like to join.


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