How can I reuse Virtually Connecting Videos?

  • In December of 2016 VC decided to license our videos CC BY-NC-ND. This means that you are welcome to share or re-post VC videos in their entirety, so long as the purpose you’re doing it for is “non-commercial,” which is defined as follows: ““NonCommercial means not primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation.” Please see here for more information about the NC license.Note: all of our videos prior to December 2016 have the more restrictive “standard YouTube license” listed on the YouTube page. We are in process of changing these to CC-BY-NC-ND but it may take us some time.

  • If you would like to edit or remix parts of a VC video, you may be able to do that; but please just contact us for permission. We will need to get in touch with the participants in the video to get their permission for the editing to take place.
  • Why have we chosen this license? Mostly because we want to make sure VC participants are comfortable with the fact that we are recording these videos. Some may be concerned that some of their comments could be taken out of context and suggest meanings they do not wish to suggest. We will happily work with you and the video participants to try to come to an agreement if you would like to edit the videos; please just ask and we will see what is possible.