Invitation to a YouTube Live Session on July 12: Reflecting on #BreakOpen

It started with a workshop session at #OpenEd17 when a group of open education researchers, practitioners and activists facilitated a session titled “How can we destroy the Open Education movement?”

The circles widened and more people added thoughts, ideas and practices. Aggregated under the Hashtag #BreakOpen, workshop sessions at #OER18 and at #OEGlobal followed:

#OER18 – “Breaking open: Conversations about ethics, epistemology, equity and power”

#OEGlobal18 – How can we destroy the open education movement? Conversations about ethics”

The workshops at #OER18 and #OEGlobal18 followed a common format and a common set of questions: the TRIZ format was meant to provide a structure and a space for critical questioning of current practices in Open Education. Provocations from different contexts and perspectives were provided for the purpose of facilitating thoughts and discussion in each of the workshops. Both workshops were facilitated onsite and online in order to give room to a multitude of perspectives and to provide more than one point of entry. Read more about the facilitation on the Open Education Ethics blog and the TowardsOpenness website.

YouTube Live Session

After the appreciative feedback both at #OER18 and #OEglobal, the workshop facilitators decided to hold an online conversation to present and reflect on the workshop content, methods, and modes of presentation. We also hope to discuss possible ways forward to encourage and facilitate rich and diverse conversations about ethics in, and critical approaches to, open education. As mentioned above, this session is not a replication of previous workshop sessions, but a space for reflection on methods, content and presentation of previous and, potentially, upcoming sessions under the theme of #BreakOpen.

The online session will take place on July 12 at 6pm GMT

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Invitation to Contribute

Do you have feedback, questions, or critique? Do you have some examples or cases that we should check out? Would you like to share your own process of thinking about these issues and topics? Have you recently come across a blog post, a video, or publication that relates to these discussions? Please do share with us before July 12 in any of the following ways:

  1. Comment on this blog announcement (your contribution will be openly visible)
  2. Use the #BreakOpen Hashtag and contribute thoughts, links, blog posts, research, projects and/or ideas you want to share
  3. Contact one of the facilitators privately via email or direct messaging

The facilitators of the online session are:

Taskeen Adam

Maha Bali

Catherine Cronin

Christian Friedrich

Christina Hendricks

Rajiv Jhangiani

Jamison Miller

Sukaina Walji

Also, please do tweet along in advance of, during and/or after our online live session. The livestream will be embedded on this page and it will be also accessible via the Virtually Connecting YouTube Channel. We will try and monitor the #BreakOpen hashtag and include tweets and comments as best we can.

Header Image by ali syaaban via unsplash


    • Hi Johanna, joining in live in the videochat on YouTube won’t be possible this time – sorry if the post is misleading here. We’d still love to hear/read your thoughts in advance, be it on your blog, on twitter or in a comment here on the site. – Christian

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