Virtually Connecting with #altc in Liverpool Sep 5-7

We are back at it in the UK: Virtually Connecting with the #altc conference in Liverpool from September 5-7

This year’s theme of the #altc conference is:

“Beyond islands of innovation – how Learning Technology became the new norm(al)”

“The 24th Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology will bring together practitioners, researchers and policy makers from across sectors. Together we will chart the development of Learning Technology from isolated islands of ‘innovation’ to becoming the new norm – and the challenges this entails for staff and learners alike. We will explore how we move from individual innovation to institutional integration at scale.” Read more about the conference on the conference website or take a look at their flyer (PDF).

We are connecting with a fabulous group of people: Bonnie Stewart, Donna Lanclos, Sian Bayne, Maren Deepwell, Peter Goodyear, Peter Alston and Linda Creanor. Our onsite buddies are Sheila MacNeill, Sue Beckingham, Martin Weller and Ann-Kathrin Watolla.

You can join us in many ways, here are the two most common options:

1 – Join one (or more) of the Google Hangouts below by tweeting us @vconnecting or leave a comment below. We’ll ask for your email address so we can send you a link to one of the sessions listed below just before it goes live.

2 – Follow our sessions live and engage with us on twitter. Use the Hashtag #altc if you like and make sure to tag @vconnecting and/or one of our session participants.

If you’re new to Virtually Connecting, read more about us here.

Session Schedule

All times are BST (local time). The timezone section below will show you the session time in your local timezone.

Part of what makes VConnecting special is the spontaneity – onsite guests may have to join us a little later than scheduled or leave early.

Tuesday, Sep 5, 11am: Bonnie Stewart and Donna Lanclos

We will connect with onsite guests Bonnie Stewart and Donna Lanclos. Our onsite buddies are Sheila MacNeill and Sue Beckingham, our virtual buddies are Chuck Pearson and Christian Friedrich.


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#altc tweet chat

As part of this year’s ALT conference, ALT Trustees James Clay and Sheila MacNeill will be joined by conference keynote speaker Dr Bonnie Stewart for a special #altc themed tweet chat. Following Bonnie’s keynote from earlier in the day, the tweet chat will be focusing on notions of empowerment in digital spaces in relation to learning and teaching.

How can/do we allow teachers and learners to be empowered by and through digital spaces and services? What are your successes and challenges in this area? Join the chat at 4pm (BST) on Tuesday 5th September.


Wednesday, Sep 6, 12:30pm: Sian Bayne and Peter Alston

We will connect with onsite guests Sian Bayne and Peter Alston. Our onsite buddies are Sheila MacNeill and Martin Weller, our virtual buddies are Chuck Pearson and Simon Ensor.


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Thursday, Sep 7, 12:00pm: Maren Deepwell, Peter Goodyear, Linda Creanor

We will connect with onsite guests Maren Deepwell, Peter Goodyear and Linda Creanor. Our onsite buddies are Martin Weller, Sheila MacNeill andAnn-Kathrin Watolla.


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Header Image by Rept0n1x (Speke and Garston walk (3)) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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