We are @Vconnecting at #BeOpen in Edinburgh, Scotland

Monday, September 11, 2017, we will be Virtually Connecting at the OEPS event: The Promise of Open. From the event website:

The Promise of Open Education’ conference is the final event of the OEPS project and will mark the end of the project. However, it does not represent the end of the conversation on open educational practices in Scotland, hence the theme of the conference – ‘The Promise of Open Education’. The conference will look at where Scotland is living up to the promise of open education, and where there is more to be done to realise this potential and consider how to do this. Much of the event will be livestreamed: https://www.pscp.tv/oepscotland

Our hangout will start at 11:10 BST with Maha Bali’s plenary talk, followed by a Virtually connecting session in the same place at 11:30 during Q&A and continuing onto the coffee break, where we will be joined onsite by Lorna Campbell. Our onsite buddy for this is Anna Page and our virtual buddies are Sarah-Jane Crowson and Sheila MacNeill. To join the 11:30 Q&A and VC, please leave a comment below or tweet to @vconnecting. To watch Maha’s talk and the vconnecting session after, just watch the embedded video below. (time is converted to your timezone automatically in right above the video)

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Stay tuned as we may add more sessions last minute!

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