Virtually Connecting at eMOOCs #emoocs2015

We (Rebecca and Maha) arranged to meet a few of the speakers at the European MOOCs Stakeholder Summit (eMOOCs2015) that took place in Mons Belgium May 18-20, 2015. We were met by our onsite correspondent Whitney Kilgore (conference committee and presenter), and spoke with Inge de Waard (conference chair) and Sian Bayne (keynote speaker). We had also planned to speak with Dave Cormier (keynote speaker); however, he was ill and unable to join this hangout. We hope to have a post conference hangout with Dave and a few other people.

Attendees (where they joined from, twitter handle):

Feel free to connect with any of the attendees – asking them questions, say hello! During the hangout we chatted about the flipped conference experience. Specifically Whitney talks about what it was like to be a presenter using this new format. Personally, Rebecca thinks it is rather brave to sign up to present in PechaKucha format! In addition Sian Bayne gives us a short teaser about her upcoming keynote presentation.

In the discussion Sian mentions her recent publication, which is available free online from:

Bayne, S. (2015). Teacherbot: interventions in automated teaching. Teaching in Higher Education, 20(4). doi:10.1080/13562517.2015.1020783

After about 15 minutes, we the folks at the conference lost their connection. The woes of using conference wifi! Fortunately, Aras Bozkurt @arasbozkurt from Turkey stepped in and shared his Social Network Analysis with us:

Blog posts relating to this hangout:

Join the discussion. If you have questions for Whitney, Inge, or Sian you can leave a comment here or ask them directly using Twitter.

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