Missed Conversation: OLCInnovate 2020 Reflections

Missed Conversation OLC Innovate. Friday, July 10th. 10am EDT; 2pm UTC

This year, OLC Innovate 2020 pivoted to be a fully online conference in June, 2020 and various members of the Virtually Connecting community participated as keynotes, speakers and attendees.

The conference ran from June 15th through June 26th and we decided to host a “Missed Conversation” here at Virtually Connecting to talk about the event and experience of a fully online event this year. Join keynote speaker Maha Bali (“Centering a Critical Curriculum of Care During Crises”) together with lead presenters Regina Gong (“Partnerships And Collaboration In Advancing OER Initiatives: From Institutional To Statewide“), Jessica Knot (“OLC Live: Our Stories Will Save Us“), Kate Sonka (“Caring, Connection, and Community: How to Design Accessible Learning Professional Development“), and Terry Greene (“The Open Patchbooks“).

Invitation: join our “Missed Conversation” session

Join Maha Bali, Regina Gong, Jessica Knott, Kate Sonka, and Terry Greene as they discuss their experience at OLC Innovate which was held 100% online this year.

Date: Friday July 3, 2020, 2pm UTC.

Virtual Buddies: Autumm Caines and Ken Bauer.

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How can you join?

Anyone who is interested in joining us, is invited. Leave a comment under this blog post and we will get back to you with the details on how to join. Or you can contact us via direct message to either virtual buddy or to the Virtually Connecting account on Twitter.


  1. I joined Twitter in April this year soon after our campus closed down. Took this decision because had a hunch I’d meet academics more experienced than myself in online teaching. By the time our campus closed, a policy on blended learning had been in place for a little over 2 years. However, the policy initiative had not been institutionalised with sub-systems for coordinated and sustained implementation. Hence it is that I became a lone scavenger in the internet trying to find a learning community from which to learn for providing learning continuity to my students. Here I am trying to move towards creating my digital identity because I also subscribe to open educational practices. It’s mighty difficult for some of us working in certain
    HEIs located in the Global South to grow at scale in the pivot to online learning. What I appreciate is that we are learning together with our students. Please allow me to become a silent observer and, of course, a learner.

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