We’re Presenting @Vconnecting Fishbowl Style at #TCCSilver

We’re presenting the concept of Virtually Connecting as a Virtually Connecting session at Technology, Colleges & Communities, an online conference celebrating its 25th year (no pivoting online needed for them).

Maha Bali and Alan Levine are on the program to share Taking Virtually Connecting From Conference Hallways to the Classroom. Rather than talking over slides, we will run this session is run fishbowl style so you can better understand what Virtually Connecting does.

Virtually Connecting (VC) is a volunteer driven international community movement to expand the reach and experience of academic conferences to those not able to attend in person. While virtual conferences center on content and presentations, VC uses simple group video conferencing to inclusively bring the valuable and informal hallway conversations between sessions, operating under principles of intentionally equitable hospitality. In this session, we share how this unstructured, conversational format works to bring the same Virtually Connecting experience to classes where experts are not brought in to lecture to students but rather to have intentionally equitable conversations. This in fact will not be a presentation, but a live session run in the same mode, tapping into our network from around the globe.

We have a big list of guests including Aras Bozkurt (@arasbozkurt), Nicola Pallitt (@nicolapallitt), Sheila Macneill (@sheilmcn),  Anne-Marie Scott (@ammienoot), George Station (@harmonygritz), Autumm Caines (@autumm), Aras Bozkurt (@arasbozkurt), Sheila MacNeill (@sheilmcn), Suzan Koseoglu (@SuzanKoseoglu), Irene Maweu, Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard), Mia Zamora (@MiaZamoraPhD), Christian Friedrich (@friedelitis), Regina Gong (@drgong), and Wendy Taleo (@wentale).  

While there is no physical location where we typically have on-site buddies, we are joined as well by Bert Kimura, Mark Yap, and Kimberly Suwa as representatives from the TCC Conference team. Our Virtual Buddies managing the session room and live stream are Ken Bauer (@ken_bauer) and Joe Murphy (@joefromkenyon).

If you’d like to participate inside the fishbowl, leave a comment here or tweet to @vconnecting on Twitter.

Live Streamed Here April 15, 21:00 UTC

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

For conference participants and anyone else interested in watching, we will be live streaming and  recording the session to YouTube. The stream will appear in place of the image below when the stream goes live (the viewing link will be tweeted by @VConnecting, follow us!). And afterward, this will be the archive from this session.

Please tweet questions to @VConnecting during the session and include the conference hashtag #tccsilver.

This is the full recording of the session:



About TCC

The Technology, Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference (TCC Online Conference) is a virtual, professional development event held annually online. This event enables faculty, staff, students and administrators in higher education worldwide to share their expertise and engage in discussions about innovations and practices related to the use of technology for teaching and learning.

TCC runs on a real-time schedule, with starting and ending dates and times. It includes activities such as live presentations and discussion sessions that begin and end at set times throughout the day. The conference theme focuses on current trends and issues related to technologies for teaching and learning.

I’ve been participating in TCC since 2003 and it’s maybe the best little online conference you’ve likely never heard of. The same team from University of Hawaii has been shepherding the event for 25 years. There’s still time to register.

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