We are Virtually Connecting at MyData 2019

We are excited to be Virtually Connecting from Helsinki Finland at the MyData 2019 conference. 

MyData 2019 in a Nutshell states:

In times of ever-increasing use and misuse of personal data, we need better and more human-centric ways of doing things with that data. We need more transparent, trustworthy and actionable solutions for a more sustainable and prosperous digital society.”

This is a special in-session workshop which is a bit different than our typical hallway conversations.

This in-session event will actually bring us inside of Paul-Oliver Dehaye’s workshop at the conference – Ecosystem Mapping S2: Building the Map Together. Virtual buddy Autumm Caines will welcome our group of virtual participants shortly before the session starts. After a short presentation the workshop will break into groups and those in our virtual session will make up a group with some other onsite folks including Mad Price Ball of the Open Humans Foundation

In this session we expect to be a bit more focused than we are in our hallway conversations. We will take some time to explore some established Data Ecosystem Maps, work on seeding some maps ourselves, and then discuss how we can build community around the mapping process. See the session page for more info.

To join this session please reach out to Autumm Caines or Paul-Oliver Dehaye on Twitter to register.

The session will start at 4:45pm Helsinki time on Thursday September 26th.

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