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VC at eurocall2019

The 27th EUROCALL conference will be hosted by UCLouvain in collaboration with KU Leuven, in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, from 28 to 31 August 2019. This annual conference is the main annual get together for practitioners and researchers in computer-assisted language learning (CALL) in Europe.

CALL and complexity’ is the guiding thread for EUROCALL 2019. This theme is to be seen as constituting a challenge to be embraced. Languages are known to be intrinsically complex linguistically and so are the determinants of learning (additional) languages. We’ll be embracing the complexity issue collectively with the EUROCALL community and you can join in thanks to Virtually Connecting!

Thematic strands

  • Corpora and language learning / Data-driven learning (DDL)
  • Intelligent CALL (ICALL) / Natural language processing applications in CALL
  • Complexity, accuracy, fluency (CAF) framework of proficiency in CALL research and applications
  • Measuring and developing linguistic complexity in CALL
  • Task complexity in CALL
  • Digital literacies
  • Digital games-based language learning
  • Mobile assisted language learning (MALL)
  • The design and practice of LMOOCs
  • Telecollaboration and CMC
  • Teacher education and professional development in CALL
  • Applying SLA principles in CALL
  • Open Educational Resources and practices
  • Research trends in CALL

We will connect with onsite participants so that you can find out more about the conference experience, keynotes and issues arising in the computer-assisted language learning community. If you’re interested in joining the conversation online there are many ways for you to connect – fill in this form, reach out to the Virtual Buddy that is leading up the session that you are interested in (their twitter handles are linked) or leave a comment below. We’ll ask for your email address so we can send you a link to the session just before it goes live. The session time is local to the conference site so check the “time where you are” link.

Follow our live tweets for updates on onsite guests. Depending on interest we are also offering a spontaneous wildcard session so look out for further news!

Thursday 29th August 10.30am local time

Time where you are

Virtual buddy Simon Ensor @sensor63 will connect to the onsite buddies Teresa MacKinnon (@warwicklanguage)and Louise Ohashi (@OhashiLou) who will have onsite guests ready to meet you. Onsite guests include keynote speaker Andrea Revesz, EuroCALL president Mirjam Hauck and Philipp Mocklinghoff (Erasmus Plus Virtual Exchange).

Friday 30th August 13 pm

Time where you are

Virtual buddy Helen DeWaard @hj_dewaard will connect to onsite buddy Teresa MacKinnon @warwicklanguage and guests including Marta Giralt @giralts to share their conference experiences.


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