Preliminary schedule for #altc @vconnecting sessions

We are excited to be virtually connecting at The Association of Learning Technology Conference (#altc) in Manchester, UK from September 8-10, 2015, not least because virtually connecting co-founders Maha and Rebecca (co-founders of virtually connecting) will be onsite and meeting in person for the first time! We are looking forward to meeting and presenting with our #rhizo14 friends Sarah Honeychurch (@nomadwarmachine) and Ashley Shaw (@ashleygshaw)

We are also excited to have Autumm Caines (@autumm) as a returning virtual buddy, as well as two new virtual buddies: Suzan Koseoglu (@suzankoseoglu) based in the UK and Simon Ensor (@sensor63) in France. Keynotes at the conference will be livestreamed like last year. We are planning to meet keynote speakers like

  • Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth), known for his work on digital literacies, and lately the #blimage challenge,
  • Jonathan Worth (@jonathan_worth), known for his work on Phonar, and who also co-facilitated #ccourses, and
  • Laura Czerniewicz (@czernie) from South Africa known for her work in open education. Sheis also co-facilitator of

We are also meeting #edtech celebs like

  • Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin), open educator, who was keynote last year,
  • Martin Weller (@mweller), open education advocate,
  • Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) well-known for his work on TAGS, and Innovation, Community & Technology Officer at ALT,
  • Sue Beckingham (@suebecks), co-facilitator of #lthechat, and hopefully also
  • Teresa MacKinnon (@warwicklanguage) of #clavier.

(Side note: people may be known for other things, but those are the things I, Maha, thought of or know best about them!)

All times below are in BST since the conference is in the UK.

  1. Tuesday  Sept 8 during the conference Rebecca will connect us to Steve Wheeler (1:45pm British Time)
  2. Tuesday afternoon or evening, you can hang out with Rebecca, Maha, Sarah and Ash informally, Suzan possibly joining in-person.
  3. Wednesday Sept 9 morning at  around 10.35 after Jonathan Worth’s keynote, Maha will meet connect us to him
  4. Wednesday at 11.35 we are meeting Martin Weller and Martin Hawksey
  5. Wednesday at 1:40 we are meeting Laura Czerniewicz, Catherine Cronin, Sue Beckingham and Teresa MacKinnon
  6. Thursday schedule is still not settled.

To join any of these hangouts virtually, please tweet to @vconnecting or email or post a comment here. Feel free to also directly contact any of the buddies.


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