Hanging Out, VConnecting at EDUCAUSE 2015

November 6, 2015 Alan Levine 0

EDUCAUSE. The Big One.
I’ve not been to the Big EDUCAUSE since 2004, in Denver. Back then I had more hair, less weight, a clunkier laptop, a blog only 1 year old. They were heady times. My visual memories are the massive main auditorium, having t…

My First Stint as a VConnecting Buddy

August 16, 2015 Alan Levine 0

On Thursday I had my first seat in the control room as a Virtual Buddy for a now expanding project (http://virtuallyconnecting.org/) started by Maha Bali and Rebecca Hogue. I had been a participant in the session on Tuesday; this week there were severa…

The Conference Buddy Experience at DML

June 15, 2015 Alan Levine 2

At the 2015 DML Conference I got, for the second time (first was in April at et4online), to join in a Conference Buddy Google Hangout session with Maha Bali.
I almost hesitate to have to say who Maha is, for while being on the opposite side of the glob…