Virtually Connecting with #OpenCon in Berlin Nov 11-13

We are Virtually Connecting with OpenCon 2017 in Berlin, Germany!

“OpenCon is more than a conference. It’s a platform for the next generation to learn about Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data, develop critical skills, and catalyze action toward a more open system for sharing the world’s information—from scholarly and scientific research, to educational materials, to digital research data.” Find out more on the conference website:

Sunday, Nov 12, 6.30 pm CET

We will be connecting with Tara Robertson and Lorraine Cheun (hopefully). Our onsite buddy is Rajiv Jhangiani and our Virtual Buddy is Christina Hendricks. If you are interested in joining this live conversation virtually, please leave a comment under this post or tweet @VConnecting.


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OpenCon Logo in the Header Image by the Right to Research Coalition via Flickr under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

Buddy Bear “One World” in the Header Image is released to the public domain and can be downloaded here. Find out more about its connection to Berlin.


  1. Please make a comment here if you’re interested in joining us to talk to our onsite and virtual guests in a Google Hangout! Or tweet us at @vconnecting. We’ll send you the information you need to join!

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