OH – IO! We are @VConnecting from OSU Innovate

Go Bucks!

We are Virtually Connecting in the home of the Buckeyes at The Ohio State University’s Innovate conference on Tuesday, May 16th in Columbus Ohio, USA. This local conference is only one day long but they have some of our favorite peeps so we had to jump on board. If you can’t make the trip we have got you covered for some informal convo about how the conference is going down.

Our long-time (/advisory buddy/tech expert/bailing you out of any jam) buddy Alan Levine/Cog Dog is holding virtual space and welcoming in those of you that would like to meet with Amy Collier and Rajiv Jhangiani for a hallway conversation at 2:15pm ET. We have also got onsite buddies Chuck Pearson and Autumm Caines (Shhhh – she is an OSU alum so we let her in even though she is from Michigan ;-P) on board.

You can join us in one of two of ways:

First way – join the hangout and have the conversation with us. Come’on we don’t bite 🙂 We do need you to let us know that you are interested. The best way may be to tweet to our account or CogDog’s or Autumm’s. You can also leave a comment below. We will email you with more information, ask you to log on right before 2:15pm ET May 16th and join in the conversation with us.

Or – if you prefer to stand back a bit you can watch the livestream below at 2:15pm ET on Tuesday May 16th. We would love it if you wanted to tweet along though – remember  to use hashtag #InnovateOSU and to tag @VConnecting.

… okay… Actually there are three ways – if you are here after 2:15pm May 16th 2017 then click the play button below and you will see a recorded video (hello people from the future!)

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Well… and I guess there might be four ways… if you are onsite at OSU Innovate and would like to listen or jump in then contact Autumm or Chuck about where we will be… we will have VConnecting stickers and cards!!!

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