We’re @VConnecting with the Norwegian Film School at GEECT Symposium

Can’t make it to ”Training the Trainers: Reboot”, the GEECT symposium in Lillehammer on May 8-9th? Then Virtually Connect!

The Norwegian Film School has partnered with Virtually Connecting to give filmmakers and film school teachers worldwide the opportunity to participate in the discussions taking place in Lillehammer. Virtually Connecting will host two sessions – Monday, May 8th at 5.30/17:30 pm CEST and Tuesday, May 9th at 5.30/17:30 pm CEST – where up to 8 interested participants worldwide can discuss topics of interest with participants at the symposium or ask questions about the GEECT Symposium.

Virtually Connecting sessions allow virtual participants to engage in conversations with onsite participants – it’s mostly informal, like a conference hallway chat. These open conversation sessions will loosely be themed on the daily topics – “how do we teach” on Monday, and “what do we teach” on Tuesday – but will be informed by the discussions that have taken place that day.

In addition, the sessions will be live streamed on YouTube, and archived there for those who cannot attend at the planned times. You can read more about VConnecting here: http://virtuallyconnecting.org/about/.

If you’re interested in joining either of these Virtually Connecting sessions, please sign up using this form or you can tweet us @vconnecting or leave a comment below. We’ll ask for your email address so we can send you a link to the session just before it goes live. Title times are local to the conference site; scroll below to find the times adjusted for your time zones and the links to watch the sessions live or recorded, if you can’t make it into the session itself.

Follow @VConnecting and @CEFIMA_no as well as #GEECT17 on Twitter for updates.

MONDAY, MAY 8th – 5.30/17:30 pm CEST – Topic: HOW DO WE TEACH?


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TUESDAY, MAY 9th – 5.30/17:30 pm CEST  Topic: WHAT DO WE TEACH?


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If you are teaching about film, interested in the shared experiences of film teachers, or would like to gain some practical insight into the role and tools of the teacher, please consider joining the conversations!


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  1. I want to let you know how much I appreciated the sessions and the work Helen and Ken put into making this work as the virtual buddies. The folks who participated in Lillehammer had a great time, and also got a lot out of the session.

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