We are @VConnecting at AAC&U

On Friday, February 24 at 12:30pm Mountain Time, Virtually Connecting will host a conversation on design thinking in higher education, as part of reflections from Samantha Veneruso and others on the ground at the ACC&U meeting in Phoenix this week! The topic is “2017 General Education and Assessment: Design Thinking for Student Learning”. (To reserve a seat, tweet to @vconnecting or leave a comment here.) We will also have Kristen Eshleman on hand as the virtual buddy and host.

The conference will address the “intersection of an array of demands facing higher education—demands for more intentionally scaffolded, integrated, and engaged approaches to teaching and learning; more campus-community partnerships; more mentoring and advising; more multimodal learning experiences; and, above all, more meaningful assessment of student learning across these efforts.”

More info on the conference can be found here. Join us for a lively conversation on design thinking in education!

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If you cannot be with us, you can watch the livestream or recording below:

If you’re interested in design thinking and assessment, tweet at @vconnecting to get a spot!

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