Virtually Connecting at #EDU15 Mandy Honeyman Connects with Kristen Eshleman, Amy Collier, and Alan Levine (and more)

For me, personally, this hangout provided more learning and connecting opportunities than being in-person at the #dlrn15 conference. I think that in part this was because there was overlap in the people at both conferences, such that I knew enough to truly engage with the conversation. I also love it when I find ways to connect my various views of the world. This one in particular allowed me to connect the methodology I used in my Masters (Action Research) with discussions on Participatory action research – but also allow for links to illness narratives, quantified self, learning analytics, and dashboards – there was even mention of World of War Craft …
Anyways, enough from me, you can watch it here or follow the twitter commentary in this embedded Storify:

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