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Welcome to the Virtually Connecting ePatient page. This page contains links to hangouts related to ePatients as well as references and resources to help better understand the ePatient digital health literacy space. If you would like to contribute a resource please email it to

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Attention Researchers: We have provided transcripts of the various Virtually Connecting sessions for your convenience. Please credit Virtually Connecting for all videos, and link back to the transcript page. When possible, please refer directly to the speaker in your reports. For example, “Rebecca Hogue suggests that we don’t need any more Webinars (Virtually Connecting, 2016).” I’ve listed the links to each transcript in APA format. Also, we ask that you please leave a comment on the transcript page indicating the type of research you are doing, and if there is a link to publication or website we’d love to see it. Thanks.

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What is an ePatient?

The e in ePatient can take on multiple meanings depending on who you ask. Some of the terms used include:  empowered, engaged, equipped, or enabled. Typically ePatients are patients with chronic illnesses or diseases, who as a result of their illness have developed an understanding of the inner workings of the healthcare system. ePatients may or may not be public advocates, but they generally are self-advocates.