Virtually Connecting at #OpenEd19

We’re excited to be Virtually Connecting from the 16th Annual Open Education Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on October 30th-November 1, 2019. We’ll be sharing conversations with people attending and presenting at #OpenEd19. Virtually Connecting is arranging two opportunities to have hallway conversations that you are invited to join, watch, and interact with us via twitter.

This has just been shaping up a few days ago; we are awaiting confirmations from a few invited guests, so the listings below may change. But you can know for sure, we have these two scheduled times to connect to the conference.

To join a session virtually:
If you’re interested in joining the conversation online, contact us ASAP. You can reach out to the Virtual Buddy that is leading up the session that you are interested in (their twitter handles are linked), tweet us or DM US @vconnecting, or leave a comment below. We will ask for your email address so we can send you a calendar invitation and email you the link to the session just before it goes live.

Or you can use this link for both sessions:

Session times below are local to the conference but the link shows the time where you are.

How to Participate

If you’re new to Virtually Connecting, read more about us. We are now using Zoom for the live meetings, and sessions are streamed live to YouTube and archived as well.

You can participate virtually in any of the following ways:

  1. Active session participation: Be a participant in these sessions and talk to the guests and other participants. Contact us by tweet/DM, or a comment below. One of us will contact you to get your email address, and then you will get a confirmation email a day or so before the event, with a reminder of time and the link to participate in Zoom session around half an hour before the event. All you need to do this is to have working audio on your computer or phone/tablet and have Zoom installed on your computer (though Zoom does also work on browser without installing the app) or have the phone app. You can also participate in the session and communicate with other session guests via text chat (the virtual buddy will occasionally read out what you wrote or invite you to say it out loud).
  2. Watch and tweet: watch the session live (see Twitter for updated links to watch, or go to our YouTube channel). If you choose to Tweet along, please tag @VConnecting and include the conference hashtag (#opened19).
  3. Watch the recording later: watch the session recorded (we will embed the recorded YouTube videos below, or our YouTube channel).
  4. Become a buddy: If after you’ve participated you’d like to join our team and help organize future events, become a “buddy” by joining Virtually Connecting. We’ll add you to our Slack team which we use for this purpose.

Wednesday, October 30th, 3:30 p.m.

Onsite buddies Nate Angell (@xolotl) and Clint Lalonde (@edtechfactotum) will host a session with Heather Ross (@mctoonish), Beck Pitt (@BeckPitt), Tutaleni Asino (@tutaleni), and maybe others who will drop by for a chat. The virtual buddies will be Alan Levine (@cogdog) and Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard).

Time converter at

Friday, November 1st at 12:45 p.m.

Onsite buddies Ken Bauer (@ken_bauer) and Clint Lalonde (@edtechfactotum) will host a session with keynoter Amanda Coolidge (@acoolidge), Martin Weller (@mweller) and others who will drop by for a chat. The virtual buddies will be Alan Levine (@cogdog) and Christina Hendricks (@CHendricksUBC).

Time converter at

Watch live, and the recording when we’re done:


Thanks for joining us virtually at #OpenEd19.

Image Credits: Base on Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

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