We are @VConnecting at #AMICALNET with Jim Groom and Maha Bali

Want to see Jim Groom and Maha Bali meet in person? This is happening at the AMICAL conference in Rome, Italy in just under a week.

If you aren’t able to make it to Rome for AMICAL 2016 (#amicalnet), we’ll be Virtually Connecting on Friday, May 13th at 11:00 am (CET/UTC+1:00) with Jim Groom and Maha Bali between Jim’s keynote (livestreamed here) and Jim & Maha’s session together (livestreamed here). Both of these talks highlight crucial aspects of ed tech, so make sure not to miss them!
(full AMICAL livestream schedule here)
If you are a new or old friend onsite at #amicalnet feel free to drop by our VC session and join the conversation.

The People

Onsite Buddy, Nadine Aboulmagd will give us a better sense of what is happening in the conference halls and connect us with onsite guests Jim Groom and Maha Bali.

Virtual Buddy Sundi Richard will be helping to connect virtually.

What it Means for You

You can watch the livestreamed VC session OR JOIN US as a Virtual Participant. If you want to join:

  • Check the schedule below to see if the time works for you
  • Tweet to us or leave a comment below and let us know you are interested (we are @VConnecting)
  • DM us your email
  • We will be in contact with connecting information after that
  • If you don’t have Twitter, you can email us at info@virtuallyconnecting.org or leave a comment below

Some of the best VConnecting sessions are when virtual participants are able to participate or view in other ways than just VConnecting. Most AMICAL 2016 sessions are available via livestream publicly. You can also go ahead and follow some of the conversation on Twitter with the #amicalnet hashtag. There is often more conversation during the keynotes or particularly engaging sessions.

The Preliminary Schedule

The session time is preliminary for now and because of the spontaneous nature of Virtually Connecting, the session can run a few minutes early or a few minutes late.

Friday, May 13th 11:00 (CET/UTC+1:00) – Sundi Richard will virtually connect with virtual participants and onsite buddy Nadine Aboulmagd will bring Jim Groom and Maha Bali to the hangout.


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