You’ve Got a Virtually Connecting Ticket to #OER16

Keeping with the “ticket” theme, we have a front row ticket for you to participate in a Virtually Connecting session at the OER16 Conference in Edinburgh Scotland on April 19, 2016.

We have a conversation scheduled with keynote speakers Catherine Cronin and Jim Groom together.

Our onsite buddy is Suzan Koseoglu who will help connect us with virtual buddies Alan Levine, Helen DeWaard, and Nadine Aboulglmagd.

That means we have room for more virtual participants! That means you. To get your ticket:

  • Check the schedule below for the timing of the session
  • Tweet to us or leave a comment below and let us know you are interested (we are @VConnecting)
  • DM us your email
  • We will be in contact with connecting information after that

Yes, we are doing only one session from OER16, so there is a ticket for you at Tuesday, April 19th 3:30pm UK Time. Join our session to hear from keynote speakers Jim Groom and Catherine Cronin.

Time converter at

If you can’t join in but you are able to watch you can do that here (this will also be the recording once the event is over) and please tweet along with the #oer16 conference tag.


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