We are VConnecting at #OLCInnovate for Our Birthday

By Sundi Richard and Susan Adams

If you aren’t able to make it to New Orleans for OLC Innovate (#OLCInnovate), we’ll be Virtually Connecting on April 19th-22nd. Also, It’s our birthday!!! This conference marks the one year anniversary of VConnecting. If you are a new or old friend onsite at #OLCInnovate feel free to drop by any of our sessions.

The People

Onsite Buddies, Autumm Caines, Andrea Rehn, Rebecca Hogue, Whitney KilgorePatrice Torcivia Prusko and Kristen Eshleman will give us a better sense of what is happening in the conference halls and connect us with onsite guests Rolin Moe, Laura Gogia, Matt Crosslin, A. Michael Berman, and Chris Gilliard.

Susan Adams, Sundi Richard, Nadine Aboulmagd, and Andrea Rehn (before arriving to the conference) will be helping to connect virtually.

What it Means for You

You can watch using the links below OR JOIN US as a Virtual Participant. If you want to join:

  • Check the schedule below and find a time that works for you
  • Tweet to us or leave a comment below and let us know you are interested (we are @VConnecting)
  • DM us your email
  • We will be in contact with connecting information after that

Some of the best VConnecting sessions are when virtual participants are able to participate or view in other ways than just VConnecting. OLC sessions available via livestream only to those who purchase a virtual attendance, but you can follow some of the conversation on Twitter with the #OLCInnovate hashtag. There is often more conversation during the keynotes or particularly engaging sessions.

The Preliminary Schedule:

These sessions are preliminary for now and because of the spontaneous nature of Virtually Connecting all sessions can run a few minutes early or a few minutes late.

Tuesday, April 19th 4:15 (CDT) – Andrea Rehn, before arriving at the conference, will virtually connect with Rolin Moe and onsite buddy Autumm Caines and Whitney Kilgore to tour the Innovation Instillation.

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

(this will also be the recording once the event is over)

Wednesday, April 20th 2:30 (CDT) – Sundi Richard will connect with Matt Crosslin during his session accompanied by onsite buddies Autumm Caines,Whitney Kilgore, Patrice Torcivia Prusko.

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

(this will also be the recording once the event is over)

Thursday, April 21st 11:15am (CDT) – This is a special fishbowl presentation as a part of the conference proceedings. Alan Levine will be connecting with Autumm Caines, Rebecca Hogue, Whitney, Kilgore, Andrea Rehn, Patrice Torcivia Prusko, and Maha Bali during their session about Virtually Connecting. You can watch this session here but we are not accepting new participants for this session:

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com


Thursday, April 21st 12:30 (CDT) – Susan Adams connects with onsite buddy Kristen Eshleman to talk to Chris Gilliard about his session The Politics of Academic IT Policy: From Redlining to Digital Redlining

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

(this will also be the recording once the event is over)

Thursday, April 21st 5:30pm (CDT) – It is our Birthday Party!!! We will be Virtually Connecting with lots of onsite and virtual folks – feel free to stop by if even for just a few minutes onsite or virtual.

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

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