We are @vconnecting at #AACU16

We are looking forward to Virtually Connecting at the Annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges and Universities. The conference has been very supportive in providing our onsite buddy, Andrea Rehn, dedicated rooms for the hangouts we have scheduled.

The first will be with Sara Goldrick-Rab (@saragoldrickrab) and will have Rebecca J. Hogue (@rjhogue) as virtual buddy. This will be Friday Jan 22 at 10.30am EST.

The second will be with Rebecca Frost Davis (@FrostDavis)and will have Maha Bali (@bali_maha) as virtual buddy. This is planned for Sat Jan 23 at 11.30 EST (might run slightly late as it starts  right after the last conference session).

We may have more onsite guests, but none are confirmed yet.

To join, please leave a comment here or tweet to @vconnecting, @bali_maha or @rjhogue. To join an onsite meeting, please tweet to @profrehn.


Update: due to weather conditions, we ended up merging both hangouts into one and had both Sara and Rebecca on Friday’s hangout.

Watch here

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