Confirmed @vconnecting Schedule for #altc

We are excited to be virtually connecting at The Association of Learning Technology Conference (#altc) in Manchester, UK from September 8-10, 2015, not least because virtually connecting co-founders Maha and Rebecca (co-founders of virtually connecting) will be onsite and meeting in person for the first time and presenting with our #rhizo14 friends Sarah Honeychurch (@nomadwarmachine) and Ashley Shaw (@ashleygshaw).

To join any of these hangouts virtually, please tweet to @vconnecting or email or post a comment here. Feel free to also directly contact any of the buddies.

All times below are in BST since the conference is in the UK.

  1. Tuesday  Sept 8 1:45pm BST during the conference Rebecca will connect us to Steve Wheeler
  2. Tuesday 5pm BST, you can informally hang out with Rebecca, Maha, Ash, and Suzan.
  3. Wednesday Sept 9 10.35 BST  after Jonathan Worth’s keynote, Maha will meet connect us to him.
  4. Wednesday at 11.35 BST we are meeting Martin Weller and Martin Hawksey
  5. Wednesday at 1:40 BST we are meeting Laura Czerniewicz, Catherine Cronin, Sue Beckingham and Teresa MacKinnon

We are excited to have Alan Levine (@cogdog) and Autumm Caines (@autumm) as a returning virtual buddies, as well as two new virtual buddies: Suzan Koseoglu (@suzankoseoglu) based in the UK and Simon Ensor (@sensor63) in France. Wendy Taleo (@wentale) from Australia will be helping out to keep communications on twitter rolling – so look for her awesome VConnecting tweets.

Keynotes at the conference will be livestreamed like last year. We are planning to meet keynote speakers like

  • Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth), known for his work on digital literacies, and lately the #blimage challenge,
  • Jonathan Worth (@jonathan_worth), known for his work on Phonar, and who also co-facilitated #ccourses, and
  • Laura Czerniewicz (@czernie) from South Africa known for her work in open education. Sheis also co-facilitator of

We are also meeting #edtech celebs like

  • Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin), open educator, who was keynote last year,
  • Martin Weller (@mweller), open education advocate,
  • Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) well-known for his work on TAGS, and Innovation, Community & Technology Officer at ALT.
  • Sue Beckingham (@suebecks), co-facilitator of #lthechat, and hopefully also
  • Teresa MacKinnon (@warwicklanguage) of #clavier.

(Side note: people may be known for other things, but those are the things I, Maha, thought of or know best about them!)


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