Day 3 #digped Unconference

(Feature image of onsite people joining hangout taken and tweeted by Andrea Rehn)

This hangout took place during the #digped unconference where we met first with three of the facilitators and later with one of the participants, with some convos between the virtual participants.

Attendees were:
@jessifer, @slamteacher, @bonstewart, @merryspaniel, @s_hammershaimb, @koutropoulos, @autumm, @nadinneabo, @readywriting, @writingasjoe, @jrdingwall, @mrsloomis, @warwicklanguage, @higheredmuse and virtual host @bali_maha

Here is the 50-min video:

Jesse, Sean and Bonnie talked about the origins of Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute and answered questions about the special hands-on format of this event, that it has a theme unlike the more ragmented nature of conferences, and that it is interactive and participant-driven, yet more structured than an Unconference (although it contained a brief unconference). Bonnie also talked about how her session had a mix of people with various levels of experience with social networking and how she dealt with that.

They discussed the diverse composition of participants from faculty to instructional designers to librarians. We also discussed the idea of different tracks and how using two hashtags (including a common one #digped) in krder to facilitate people in different tracks listening into each others’ conversations and for people who generally follow Hybrid Pedagogy’s #digped hashtag to listen as well.

One of the other things discussed was the importance of offering meals onsite for an event like this, for community building. Which reminded me of a recent blogpost by Rebecca on the disadvantages, and tribalism, even of events with offsite lunch.

We also heard a little about some of the activities onsite, such as “what if bell hooks made an LMS?” (This riffs off of an article by Jesse and Sean  “If Freire Made a MOOC” And one by Bonnie “if Foucault ran a MOOC“. It made me comsider changing my postcolonial MOOC question into “what if Edward Said made a MOOC?”

At some point the onsite folks had to leave but Lisa and Sarah said others onsit would come and meet us in a while, so we the virtuals kept chatting amongst ourselves. We taled about curating conference content with ashoutout to Martn Hawksey’s TAGS explorer.
Cecilia Lo joined in onsite and talked about the value of the expereince for instuctional technologists like her, which was a valuable perspective. We then talked about gender issues in digital pedagogy vs humanities and IT vsfaculty  development…and even the genderd nature of virtually connecting!

Speaking of which, tomorow we have a man hosting a virtually connecting hangout, Alan Levine. Tune into two more hangouts Thursday morning 9am and Friday at 2pm Central. More info here

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